Mark Tinsley & Liz Farrell Break Down The Murdaugh Mess

(13th Juror Podcast)

Mark Tinsley, a prominent South Carolina attorney, gained recognition for his representation of Mallory Beach’s family, his vocal stance against Alex Murdaugh, and his memorable cross-examination of Phil Barber, which resulted in some of the most talked-about moments of the entire Murdaugh trial.

Liz Farrell, an acclaimed writer and co-host of True Sunlight (formerly Murdaugh Murders Podcast) and Cup of Justice, possesses the investigative acumen and wit akin to a seasoned stand-up comedian. Her unique blend of intellect and humor captivates audiences as she delves into complex subjects.

Join 13th Juror Podcast as they dissect the latest filings and allegations in the ongoing Murdaugh saga, anticipate the upcoming trial, and address all your inquiries.

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