The Pesky Podcasters: A Conversation with Liz Farrell and Mandy Matney | Palmetto Primetime

(Palmetto Primetime)

In this episode of Palmetto Primetime Podcast, Sarah A. Ford and Mandy Powers Norrell sit down with the dynamic duo known as the “Pesky Podcasters,” Liz Farrell and Mandy Matney! Throughout the entire Alex Murdaugh saga, Liz and Mandy have remained steadfast in their reporting, standing alongside those still seeking justice. Together, they co-host both the Murdaugh Murders Podcast and the Cup Of Justice Podcast.

Palmetto Primetime emerged as a response to the need for clarity amid the tumultuous double murder trial of Alex Murdaugh. Originally starting in Twitter Spaces, Sarah A. Ford and Mandy Powers Norrell engaged with individuals worldwide, leading to the expansion of their platform into the Palmetto Primetime Podcast.

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